Kushi Kabir, the human right activist, head of "We do it ourselves" and mysef, March 2018 in Dhaka.


Charza is an ethical brand committed to work with independent textile dressmaker. Fabrics are selected by myself on each of my trip to the country where I originally come from. Each piece is unique. Completions are then finished in the studio of the dressmaker, in Gausia market, in Dhaka.

This year, I chose to work with the Bengali NGO "Nizera Kori" meaning We do it ourselves", working on environmental, land and gender equality issues. I will reverse 10% of each sale to a project dedicated to a workshop on women empowerment in a specific village in Bangladesh.

Born in Paris in 1991, from bengali parents, I visit Bangladesh since my childhood. This country taught me how to wear colors and patterns, but it's my parisian lifestyle that gave me the taste of fashion. Charza is a mixt of both cultures.




Thank you

To Ana and Shahabuddin, my parents, my first investors. 

To Eza khala, my aunt, with whom I go shopping in Gausia market since I'm a child;

To Jules Dorival, the best photographer ever ;

To  Sofiane Alsaar, Emre Birlik, Arthus Capmas, Clara Cottin, Natacha Krief, Timothée, Basile Michardière, Alexandra Persegol, Camille Tardé, Louise Tourret and Amanda Silaen, Chitro Shahabuddin, my beautiful models, and, for assisting me in many ways during shooting and for your great support through this year;

To Camille Diss for the beautiful drawing and all her support, to Keith and Amanda for the make-up, to Lorenzo for the METRO card! to Margaux Sarlin for the visual,

To Basile Michardière <3

Thank you all for making this happen and for this collective adventure!